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David Shepherd with Polly Anna Pickering
David Shepherd at the Nature in Art Exhibition, Gloucester.

We heard with great sadness of the death of David Shepherd, wildlife artist, outspoken conservationist, and founder of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation charity.

David was a Patron of TWASI for many years until his health declined, and he attended many events, always showing great interest in the Society’s artists and our conservation ethic. He was a genuinely gregarious man, very generous with his time.

One of the methods he used to raise funds was to donate his own artwork, inspiring many other wildlife artists to do the same for conservation causes.
I can remember many auctions of wildlife art that he arranged at Christies, and with David himself as the Auctioneer, what hilarious – but profitable – evenings they were!

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation that he founded supports far-reaching projects for the conservation of endangered mammals, and also supports both the wildlife Rangers and the indigenous rural communities.
David drew the public’s attention by illustrated talks over many years, and I am sure he inspired thousands not only to see the value of conservation, but also to appreciate the genre of wildlife art.

The link between these is the way in which we can all give something back to the animals that we love to depict.
David will be sorely missed, but I am sure that the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation will ensure that his legacy lives on.

Sarais Crawshaw