2022 Day Visits

TWASI Visits 2022

TWASI visit to The Wildplace Project, Bristol, 5th April 22

The five of us: Gill Love, Denise Lonsdale, Jim Burnett, Rosemary Gowland and myself France Bauduin, met in the Wild Place Project car park as agreed and once everyone was there, I decided to give them a little tour of the place before lunch.  We were quite lucky weather-wise, with a mix of clouds and sun, a fresh breeze and temperatures around 12-14˚C.  Forecast was much nastier for the following days.

We started with the giraffes and could also see some zebras and eland from our platform.  From there, we went to see the red river hogs, passing besides the lemur’s enclosure.  Unfortunately, they were either indoors or fast asleep. 

We continued our visit towards the walled garden to spend a moment watching the meerkats, the minuscule Kirk’s dik-dik and the birds in the aviaries. From there we had a wonderful walk bordered by all kinds of spring flowers. 

Winding through beautiful ancient woodland on raised walkways, we first past the wolverine enclosure to then discover two young Lynx up in the trees.  They soon climbed down but then went off to find someplace to sleep.

We passed in front of the pygmy goats to stop at the cheetahs’ enclosure, one of the main attractions of the park.  The three brothers were active, and we were fortunate enough to have them to pass only a few feet from us before they ended up flopping at the top of the hill. 

It was then time for us to go to Bear Wood, which is no doubt the best attraction of Wild Place, featuring a couple of wolverines, a lynx family of four, four bears and four wolves in their natural environment.  

 There was some action below with the bears who had a little scuffle near the pool, then one of them decided to climb a tree which was rather fascinating to watch, as well as to see him climb down afterwards. 

A couple of wolves made a brief appearance but didn’t stay long.  We continued to watch the bears for a while and then went to have lunch in front of the geladas They had a bit of a scuffle in the middle of our lunch which made it all the more interesting.

 Afterwards we all went our separate ways to revisit our favourite areas, meeting again on occasion.

We all had a great time and I think that everyone agreed that it was well worth the visit.  Indeed, Denise liked it so much that as I predicted she got an annual pass afterwards.  Rosemary particularly enjoyed the cheetahs, bears, wolves, and lynx.  She also appreciated that it was a venue which is very easy to access. 

Jim’s favourite part was the walkway where you could see the Lynx, bears and wolves acting more naturally than you would normally. It was good to watch them making use of the space. 

Gill’s highlight was also to see the animals in Bear Wood living in such a natural habitat, bears and lynx climbing high up in the trees.  Seeing bears and wolves living together was also a delight to see!  To sum it up for all of us: A lovely day out! 

Hopefully we can have more TWASI members coming next time.

France Bauduin.

TWASI Day Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

The first TWASI Day Visit of the year got us off to a good start with the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.With TWASI members and guests, there were 9 of us, most of whom had not visited before and we were very impressed with the venue.

The Wildlife park covers a very big site, and is growing all the time, so there was plenty to see, though you need to be willing to walk a good deal to see it all. All the enclosures are large, and the animals looked relaxed, with plenty of space to move and structures to engage them.

We were able to see animals such as Red Panda, Amur Tiger, Painted Dogs, Sealions, Polar Bears, Hyena and African Lions amongst others, and a huge lake and areas of wetland had encouraged a range of local waders and other wildfowl to settle.

The Amur Leopards have a huge enclosure with a massive “climbing frame”, but we didn’t see the leopards – it was a warm and sunny day, so perhaps they were asleep!

It was good to eat our lunch outside under the shade of a woodland area, & catch up with each other.

I would certainly recommend the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to anyone who can get there.

Many thanks to Helen Rawlings for organising the day.

Sarais Crawshaw