TWASI Annual Exhibition Awards – 2022

TWASI wish to thank Patron Anna-Louise Pickering of the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation,, for presenting the awards again this year.


Gold Citation – Painting/Pastel/Coloured Pencil or Drawing

Susan Lambourne – Sunrise – The Brecks
Judges comments: An interesting treatment of landscape with clean fresh colours.

Gold Citation –  Photography

Philippa Smith – Moorhen defending nest

Judges comments: Excellent action image with clear sharp well ‘framed’ shot taken locally. Such amazing pictures can be found on our own doorstep.

Gold Citation –  Sculpture/3D in Show

Michelle Hall – Swallows

Judges comments: Nice relationship between subject and support the judges could hear the swallow chattering. This sculpture reflected the nature of the subject.

Gold Citation – Computer Generated Art

Paul Parsons – Murmuration

Judges comments: This is a good example of using computer technology to create rather than manipulate images. A piece of art!

Gold Citation –  Miniature Painting

Jenny Musker – The summer visitor

Judges comments: This draws you in to really look, a true miniature.

Silver Citation-any medium

Neil Mason – Precocial hare

Judges comments: An innovative treatment of a familiar subject the abstract shapes have created movement and life.

Bronze Citation-any medium

Martin Raskovsky – Ermintrude ll

Judges comments: A strong composition and clever development of colours and lines.

Bronze Citation-any medium

Geoff Jennings    – Young grey seals playing

Judges comments: A refreshing approach and format the composition of all the elements are well done.

Highly commended- any medium

David Skidmore – Lightspeed

Judges comments: We chose this drawing because of its light touch that adds to the feeling of speed and movement.

Highly commended-any medium

Frances Sullivan – Between the tides

Judges comments: A nice composition of a familiar subject in an often overlooked environment, the muted colours reflected the mood of the place.

Highly commended-any medium

Freda Chamberlain – Kordofan giraffe

Judges comments: A well executed drawing of a different species of giraffe.

Highly commended-any medium

Michelle Hall – Matriarch and calf

Judges comments: Nice interaction between the animals and a natural rather than contrived feel.

Highly commended-any medium

Paul Parsons – Harlequins

Judges comments: Attention to detail throughout the whole piece.

The Christopher Parsons Award for Artistic Excellence (Portfolio of 4 pictures)

Valerie Briggs – The Brown Hare

Judges comments: Four pictures showing how the artist clearly understands and knows the subject, a nice collection that sits well together.

The Keith Shackleton Award

Gill Love – Play with me

Judges comments: Beautifully drawn and good observation of the subject.

Simon Combes Award

George Yiend – Across the river and into the trees

Judges comments: This met the brief of an innovative approach to the subject with good design element reflective of Africa.

The David Shepherd Award

Chris Saunderson – Tiger and Jacana

Judges Comments: An interesting composition, refreshing viewpoint of the subject and combination of species.

The Lady Scott Award – Photographic

Ros Rouse 

Judges comments: A collection of natural images showing the photographer engaging with the subjects in the field.

The Wildlife Art Society International Award

Rosanna Venturini – Family Portrait

Judges comments: A good rendering of the subjects

The Two Rivers Paper Award- for best work on paper

Denise Coble – Cry of the Curlew

Judges comments: A strong image with nice design

The Pollyanna Pickering Award

Simon Stevenson – ‘All ears’

Judges comments: An eye catching image which is true to the subject that stands out.

Simon was delighted to be the recipient of the Pollyanna Pickering Award and extremely honoured, it will take pride of place in his studio.

Simon would like the donation from the Pollyanna Pickering foundation to go to the following charity:

The Colobus Conservation –

Colobus Conservation is a not-for-profit conservation organisation designed to promote the conservation, preservation, and protection of primates like the vulnerable  Angolan Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya. The organisation was established in 1997 in response to an outcry from local residents about the high number of deaths of colobus monkeys on the Diani Beach road.

Now, many years later, Colobus Conservation has numerous projects concentrating on research and solutions for human/primate conflicts including animal welfare, biological/ecological research, community outreach, and education, forest protection and restoration, and eco-tourism awareness program.

Their Mission Statement is:

To promote, in close co-operation with other organisations and local communities, the conservation, preservation and protection of primates, in particular the Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its associated coastal forest habitat in Kenya.

Their Goals are to:

  • Conserve and protect the Angolan colobus and its habitat in Kenya;
  • Inspire interest and participation in primate and environmental conservation;
  • Promote the welfare of primates and reduce the impact of human development on the environment in Diani and south eastern Kenya;
  • Further, understand the Diani primate species and their conservation;
  • Respond and deliver a high-quality primate rescue and rehabilitation service;
  • Be a considerate employer through training and fair wage structure, to be self-funding, producing high quality valuable work and to be transparent.

Colobus Conservation is a Kenyan-registered, not-for-profit organisation.

The Derwent Drawing Award

France Bauduin – Born to run

Judges comments: Great depiction of light and use of colour in reflected light. A striking image.

The Ken Stroud Founder’s Award

Lesley Connolly – Gannets

Judges comments: A strong appealing image with clean lines well suited to the subject and a well thought out composition

Silver Citation- any medium

Stan Kaminski – Fox

A lovely treatment of dappled light just as one might capture and glimpse the subject in the wild.

Peoples Choice winner

Winner of the 2022 30th Annual Exhibition is Ayse Rifat and her oil painting ‘There is no place like home’. (Oil on canvas)

Congratulations to Ayse who wins a years free membership of the Wildlife Art Society International and free entry into the 2023 Annual Exhibition.

Photographs curtesy of Joey Havas