2019 – TWASI Annual Exhibition Awards

TWASI Annual Exhibition 2019 Award Winners and Judges Comments:

The Christopher Parsons Award For Artistic Excellence
Susan Lambourne – ‘Chough Paintings’
Good use of tricky media – “Controlled Chaos”  These paintings work well as a set of four to hang together. Good use of light.

The Keith Shackleton Award
Geoff Jennings – ‘Focussed’
Excellent use of colour/medium.

The Ken Stroud Founders Award
Frances Daunt – ‘Spring Strikes Again’
Original concept using felt and thread to create almost 3D image. Vibrant, full of life.

Simon Combes Award African Wildlife
Nick Barker – ‘Majestic’
Beautifully drawn and this drawing showed animals in more natural environment. Good depth of  field in the drawing. Elephant had a lived-in character.
(Note: Judges overall disappointed that a lot of very good artworks in this category lacked habitat which is part of the criteria.)

The David Shepherd Award for Endangered Species
Deb Stanley – ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’
Image just leapt out of the paper, great character study, wonderful colours, often overlooked by more ‘popular’ endangered species.

The Wildlife Art Society International Award
Julia Dubinina – ‘Zebra’
Wonderful use of light, a drawing that would enhance any wall.

The Two Rivers Award For The Best Work On Paper
Valerie Briggs – ‘Tawny Owl’
Great combination of monochrome and colour, accuracy of subject, overall compositional shape.

The Lady Scott Award
Ros Rouse, Photography Portfolio
This artist covered all three categories well, great variation of subjects

Computer Generated and Digitally Altered Art – Gold Award
Dr Martin Raskovsky – Ermintrude II
The judges enjoyed the overall surreal look of the images in particularly the heron.

Dr Martin Raskovsky Gold Award for Computer Generated Art Ermintrude II

The Derwent Drawing Award
Jess Pritchard – ‘Watchful’
Simple, graceful composition with an eye-catching contrast.
* The use of museum glass when working on black paper creates a better view for the viewer .

The Pollyanna Pickering Award
Lesley Connolly – ‘African Landscape’
Loved the sketchbook. Composition imaginative and well thought out.
* Judges enjoyed all the sketchbooks

Gold Citation For Art (painting/drawing)
Clare Shaughnessy – ‘Banditos’
Lovely characterful painting, not overworked. One that we kept going back to with a smile.

Gold Citation For Best Photograph
Joy Roberts – Minke Whale
Wonderful composition and depth of tone of an unusual subject matter.

Gold Citation For Best Sculpture/3D
Juliet Collins – ‘Polar Bear’
We loved this one, perfect in its simplicity still managing to capture the character.

Silver Citation (Any medium)
Eric Watson – ‘I Can See You’
Technically Brilliant drawing. Loved the touch of colour in the eyes.

Ref photo used was from Wildlife Reference Photos for Artists.
Credit to Natasha Jefferies.

Silver Citation (Any medium)
Immy Hathaway – ‘A Divided World’
The ‘Divided World’ was literally painted with lots of detail that would keep us interested for a long time.

Bronze Citation (Any medium)
Jane Holford-Atkins – ‘Green Sea Turtle’
Amazingly detailed work. Managed to give the undersea feeling with the limitations of the medium.

Bronze Citation (Any medium)
Victoria Parsons – ‘Silent Hunter’
We Liked the overall depth in this drawing, worked up from references and imagination.

Highly Commended (Any Medium)
Mandi Baykaa-Murray – ‘Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder’
Interesting choice of support. Very well executed painting.

Highly Commended (Any Medium)
Christina Hopkinson – ‘The Last Lemon’
Vibrant painting with a good composition.

Highly Commended (Any Medium)
Christine Dadd – ‘Khawi Wild Dog’
Simplicity of concept, allowing the linen canvas to be an integral part of the whole painting.

Highly Commended (Any Medium)
Michelle Hall – ‘Shore Crab’
Tactile piece, unusual subject choice and perfect size for this little crab

The People’s Choice
Immy Hathaway – ‘A Divided World’

All exhibition photos to be credited to Marilyn Morley.

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