TWASI Annual Exhibition Awards – 2021


Gold Citation – Painting/Pastel/Coloured Pencil or Drawing

Linda Travers-Smith – Tiger at Bandgevagh (Mixed Media Collage)

Judges comments: “Good balance of design, with an unusual image of a tiger and showing an interest in other cultures

Gold Citation  –  Photography

Vic Sharratt – Mandrill Study (Photograph on Canvas)

Judges comments: “Good quality photograph, humorous and abstract.”

Gold Citation  –  Sculpture/3D in Show

Sarais Crawshaw – Murmur (Paper Cut)

Gold Citation  – Computer Generated Art

Shane Wiseman – Goldfinch (Inkjet Digital Photograph)

Gold Citation  –  Miniature Painting

Jenny Musker – Cowslip Connoisseurs (Watercolour on Polymin)

Judges Comments “Superb quality and accuracy of depicting the species”

Silver Citation- any medium

Michelle Hall – Diving Otter (Bronze)

Judges comments: “She has captured the sinuous movement in a difficult medium to master”

Silver Citation-any medium

Claudia Hahn – Reflections (Acrylic and Gold-leaf)

Judges comments: “An unusual use of media, interesting subject which looks three dimensional.”

Bronze Citation-any medium

John Hebb – Death grip (Acrylic)

Judges comments: “Action shot – atmospheric!”

Bronze Citation-any medium

Mandi Baykaa-Murray – Surveying the Savannah (Acrylic on Feathers)

Judges comments: “Difficult medium – powerful pose”

Highly Commended- any medium

Immy Hathaway – Herring Gull a red listed seabird (Acrylic)

Judges comments: “A controversial character thought had gone into the use of colour and the title”

Highly Commended-any medium

Geoff Jennings – Swooping Tawny Owl (Gesso and Acrylic)

Judges comments: “Striking composition with a detailed owl and moth”

Highly Commended-any medium

Laura Gibbons – Fractured (Oil on Canvas)

Judges comments: “An interesting way of depicting a zebra”

Highly Commended-any medium and The Peoples Choice Award

Angela Gaughan – Vladimir (Acrylic)

Judges comments: “Very realistic and unusual pose”

Highly Commended-any medium

Tracey-Anne Sitch – Bedfellows (Watercolour)

Judges comments: Different subject, originality of idea and a pleasing composition

The Christopher Parsons Award for Artistic Excellence

(Portfolio of 4 pictures)

Valerie Briggs – The link between the 4 pictures is Newquay and Gannel Estuary National Maritime Reserve (All Watercolour with the exception of ‘High Rise Living’ which is Graphite and Coloured Pencil).

Judges comments:“Well linked with interesting contrasts and mixtures of skills. Captured the fulmar very well”

The Keith Shackleton Award

Gemma Waters – A brighter future? (Oil)

Judges comments: “Very evocative and captures the integral quality of the curlews habitat. Bleak environment but treated with warmth and harmony”

The Ken Stroud Founder’s Award

Pat Kitching – Listen (Ink and Stitch)

Judges comments: “Shows originality of idea with an empathy of the subject, a species that is overlooked and painted in an unusual medium of ink and stitching.”

Simon Combes Award

George Yiend – South Luangwa Afternoon (Acrylics)

Judges comments: “Interesting use of pattern with realism, a good design and a good representation of wildlife in its habitat.”

The David Shepherd Award

France Bauduin – Scales and Bark (Colour Pencil on Colourfix Smooth Paper)

Judges comments: “An unusual species, drawn with high technical skill, well structured and textured.”

The Lady Scott Award – Photographic

Ros Rouse (Inkjet Photographs)

Judges comments – “Portfolio shows a consistent standard of photography, different textures of scales, spots and feathers.”

The Wildlife Art Society International Award

Julia Dubinina – Mouflon (Pastel and Pastel Pencil)

Judges comments: “Excellent technical quality, an emotional response and atmospheric.”

The Two Rivers Paper Award- for best work on paper

Chris Saunderson – Curlews and young (Watercolour)

Judges comments: “Interesting composition, good quality and a topical subject”

The Pollyanna Pickering Award

Jill Tisbury – Foraging Hedgehog (Fused Glass)

Judges comments: “Nice sketches, a threatened species depicted in an unusual medium.

The Derwent Drawing Award

Peter Morley – The Darkness (Coloured Pencil)

Judges comments: “Well executed, an original idea which is thought provoking. Good design, the more you look the more you see.”

Thanks to Joey Havas for the Awards presentation photographs.

TWASI welcomed patron Anna Louise Pickering to present the awards this year along with Jim Patterson of Two Rivers Paper who presented his award for the best work on paper in person.

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