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An Illustrated talk by Scott of Game Rangers International

Nature in Art will be holding an illustrated talk by Scott of Game Rangers International on 31st May 2023 between 7:00 pm & 9:30 pm. It has been arranged with the help of TWASI member Amanda Butler.


‘A Holistic Approach to Conservation, Rescuing Elephants, Empowering Rangers and Engaging Communities’ by Sport Beattie’.

For more information please visit –…/game-rangers…/…

We would love to see you there!

Winner of the 2022 Christmas card competition

Diane Haines with Snowy Friends The Wildlife Art Society International Christmas Card
‘Snowy Friends’ by Diane Haines


‘Snowy Friends’ to me, captures the magical spirit of Christmas, but also shows the delicate beauty of the deer and the cheerful robin and was drawn in Pastel and Pastel pencil.

The paper I chose was a dark green as I felt the image should reflect the animal and not the undergrowth. Once drawn, I chose cool colours to show the fading light of a winter afternoon – the little robin added that pop of colour which brought the picture to life.

The snow was added to bring softness to the final image, and in fact gave the whole picture a soft, ethereal quality.

Hare and Winter berries by Denise Coble


‘Hare and Winter Berries’ is a 3-block lino print, around A5 in size.

Originally I intended it to be a 4-block lino, with the final block being the red berries, but unfortunately I couldn’t get this to print out properly, as I seemed to be continually cleaning up and chasing “chatter” – picking up little unwanted marks from the lino.

To save my sanity, I decided to hand paint them in once the other 3 layers were dry.

It is based on sketches and photos from a few years ago, when we had some snow one winter – we don’t often get snow here in Hampshire, so it’s a big deal when we do.

I’m lucky enough to live near the South Downs and not too far from the coast, so I have plenty of landscapes around to inspire me. On this occasion the whole family trooped off to Buster Hill, where my husband and kids went tobogganing, and I sketched and took some photos.

No hares were seen on that day – too many people and too much noise – so I used photos and sketches of hares from previous quiet walks to add the hare into the snowy landscape.

‘A Winters Tail’ by Kate Smith


‘A Winter’s Tail’ is painted in acrylic on canvas.

I was looking through my old photos for inspiration, and found the ones I took at the Vale Wildlife Centre, of Magan and Roxie, the resident foxes.

They were both well-fed and had lovely bushy coats, which reminded me of foxes in snowy climates with incredibly thick coats. The pose, showing off her luxuriant tail, gave me the obviously title ‘A Winters Tail’.

I created a snowy background using the complimentary yellow/violet and blue/orange colour scheme, which I thinks works well with low winter sun, snow and orange fox.

‘Let it snow’ by Lesley Connolly


‘Let it snow’ – Having come across an image of a Greater-Spotted Woodpecker in flight, it occurred to me what a good Christmas card it would make, and I decided to put it against a blue background with snowflakes.

First I cut out of lino block with the black and white bird image. This was printed onto newsprint paper, which I cut out and used as a stencil (reversed) for the blue screen-printed background, and pieces of ripped paper were scattered on for the snowflakes.

A further stencil was used for the red parts, and finally the lino cut image was printed on top.

The result, I feel, was bold, simple and colourful.

TWASI 2022 AGM and Members Weekend
at Nature in Art

TWASI Patron Hazel Soan has some vacancies on 2023 painting holidays

Dear fellow TWASI  Artist/Art Lover/Adventurer! 

With the current emphasis to socialise and shop online, real life experiences are in high demand. In context it is easy to guess that IRL means “In Real Life” but when I first came across the abbreviation I had to look it up (online of course!) because I was shocked to think that real life now needed an acronym! Thankfully, painting is always a real life experience, and I am delighted to tell you about the ‘IRL’ painting holiday experiences I have planned for next year!

Cape Town to the Kalahari February 9th-21st 2023. Due to a recent cancellation, three places have opened up on this exclusive painting trip into the magical Kalahari Transfrontier Park (this trip is not advertised hence invitation by email). If you are looking for an unusual and exciting painting adventure this is it! Together we will share the wonders of the desert kingdom, paint wildlife and engage in plenty of watercolour workshop tuition. If this trip appeals, see more detail in the 2 attachments at the end of this email. 

If curious re similar or future trips, let me know on 

If you want to book this trip email John direct on

And if this trip appeals but February is too soon, there is a similar Kalahari trip in October with a few places still open.

Painting Vacation in Annecy, French Alps May 15th-19th 2023. If you are looking for a painting trip in Europe, I am tutoring a painting vacation in and around Annecy with Brenda Murray of Studio56Boutique. This is my second trip with Brenda, the first was great fun, so I am looking forward to the sequel!  Check out the following link for details and booking:

I look forward to seeing you next year!

Take care and keep painting!


Hazel Soan,
Soan Studio
Crookham Road
London | UK




A Taste of the Kgalaghadi Transfrontier Park on the South African/Botswanan border

Thursday 9th February 2023 – Tuesday 21st February 2023

Cape Town to Kalahari – 12 NIGHTS/13 DAYS

I am delighted to offer a new Kalahari painting trip to the Botswanan side of the Kgalaghadi Transfrontier Park . The trip includes 5 nights in the Ta Shebube Rooiputs desert lodge situated in the dunes on the Botswanan side of the Park, 5 nights at Oceangolf Guesthouse in Noordhoek, and 2 nights travelling to and from the Park. This is an exclusive holiday by invitation only.

The aim of the holiday is to share with you the magic of the Kalahari.  This semi-desert receives enough rain to support an array of wildlife and is one of my favourite places to paint. Wildlife sightings are unpredictable, but we would hope to see springbok, oryx, ostrich, wildebeest, red hartebeest, eagles, owls and other birds and possibly lion and cheetah, hyena and even leopard, but the desert is vast and entirely wild so nothing is guaranteed.
Rooiputs lodge is spectacularly situated in the heart of the red dunes. There are 10 en suite rooms available, joined along the crest of a dune by charming wooden walkways, each has its own deck with a panoramic dune view and a shower open to the stars. All meals are taken at the lodge, they have a bar, small plunge pool and intermittent wifi! We may even have the lodge to ourselves. Take a look at their website: 

We have two vehicles to allow guests comfort and a good view, and hope to take a couple of game drives in an open safari vehicle owned by the lodge. Because of predators we are not allowed out of the vehicles on the game drives. I am aware it is not easy to paint in the vehicles so I am including mid-morning workshops at the Lodge during our stay.
The total journey from Cape Town is approx 1150 Km, crossing the vast expanse of the Great Karoo.  We will have an overnight stop on the way, at Keimoes, an oasis town on the Orange River, arriving at our destination next day around lunchtime. The drive back to Cape Town is long (800kms) but crossing the Great Karoo is a worthwhile experience in itself, the roads are good and we aim to make the journey as comfortable as possible. We will be stopping at Keimoes from Upington and staying overnight.  Before and after our return to Cape Town, there will be workshops in the studio at Oceangolf, painting wildlife and the desert landscape.
The accommodation at Oceangolf Guesthouse is in a beautiful setting on the slopes of Chapmans Peak overlooking the Atlantic. It is a short walk from one of the most striking white beaches in the world, and a great place for sight-seeing if you wish to extend your stay.
NB This price does not include flights: £4750 per person. (£200 discount possibly available if you share accommodation at Oceangolf and Keimoes en route. The price includes: all accommodation and meals (including wine at meals but not bar drinks), painting tuition, Park entry fees and daily Conservation fees, transport including transfers to and from the airport.

If you are interested please contact John or Louise and copy me in:                                                                                                                                            

If you wish to extend your stay at Oceangolf Guest House, accommodation is available. John offers self catering and car hire and a separate quote for extra stay can be obtained.
To view the accommodation in Cape Town visit


KALAHARI PAINTING TRIP – A taste of the Kgalaghadi Transfrontier Park on the South African/Botswanan border 

Passports and ID are required as we are entering and staying on the Botswanan side

Thursday 9th February 2023  – Tuesday 21st February 2023


THURSDAY 9th Feb 2023  – Arrival day in Cape Town

Arrival of guests – collection of guests – day for relaxation and orientation

1.00 pm                       Lunch – Courtyard Terrace

7.00 pm                       Welcoming drinks in the bar

7.30 pm                       Dinner – Oceangolf Courtyard Terrace

FRIDAY 10th Feb: Oceangolf

8.30 am                       Breakfast – Courtyard Terrace

9.30 am                       Wildlife Workshop in studio

1.30 pm                       Lunch – Courtyard Terrace

                                    Afternoon at leisure for painting in the studio or garden

7.30 pm                       Dinner – Monkey Valley

SATURDAY 11th Feb: Oceangolf

8.30 am                       Breakfast – Courtyard Terrace

9.30 am                       Wildlife Workshop in studio

1.30 pm                       Lunch – Courtyard Terrace

                                    Afternoon at leisure for painting in the studio or garden

7.30 pm                       Dinner – Oceangolf Courtyard Terrace

SUNDAY 12th Feb:  Depart for Keimoes

6.15 am                       Packing of vehicle (soft travel bags) then breakfast Courtyard Terrace

7.00 am, sharp!           Depart for journey to Ou Skool Guesthouse, Keimoes to include stops for breaks

12.00 noon                  Lunch en route at Vanrynsdorp

6:00 pm                       Arrive at Ou Skool Guesthouse         

7.30 pm                       Dinner at Ou Skool Guesthouse

MONDAY 13th Feb:  Depart Keimos for Kalahari Transfrontier Park

7.00 am                       Breakfast Ou Skool Guesthouse

8.00 am                       Departure for Upington – Collection of 4×4 Toyota Fortuner & drive to Kalahari

12.00 pm                     ETA entrance Kalahari Tranfrontier Park, 23kms game drive to Ta Shebube Lodge (time dependent on sightings)        

01.00 pm                     Arrive Ta Shebube Rooiputs Lodge for brunch

                                    Afternoon to unpack, relax & possibly paint from the Lodge

3.30/4pm                    Afternoon tea

5.00 pm                       Late afternoon game drive (dusk 7.00 pm)

8.00 pm                        Dinner at Ta Shebube Rooiputs Lodge


Light early morning breakfast followed by game drive – dawn 6.15am

11.00 am                     Brunch at the Lodge

                                    Workshop after brunch

3.30/4.00 pm              Afternoon Tea

                                       Late afternoon game drive (dusk 7.00pm)

8.00 pm                       Dinner at Lodge 

SATURDAY 18th Depart Kalahari for Keimoes

7.00 am                        Packing of vehicle

7.15 am                       Cooked breakfast at the lodge          

8.00 am                        Depart lodge, game drive via Twee Rivieren (unhook & park trailer along Auob River (dry). Distance covered depends on sightings. Picnic at Auchterlonie. Return to Twee Rivieren

3.00 pm                       Depart Kalahari for drive to Upington, return 4×4 vehicle, onward drive to Ou Skool Guesthouse, Keimoes

7.00 pm                       Arrive Ou Skool Guesthouse for dinner

SUNDAY 19th February :  Depart Keimoes for drive back to Cape Town

6.45 am                       Loading vehicle

7.00 am                       Breakfast Ou Skool Guesthouse

7.30am                        Depart for full day drive back to Cape Town to include stops for breaks

                                    Picnic lunch on Vanrhynsdorp Pass

6.00/7.00 pm              Welcome home drinks in the bar

8.00 pm                       Dinner – Courtyard Terrace – Oceangolf

MONDAY 20th February :  Oceangolf

8.30 am                       Breakfast – Courtyard Terrace

9.30 am                       Workshop on Kalahari wildlife/landscapes

1.00 pm                       Lunch – Courtyard Terrace

2.30 pm                       Afternoon at leisure (possible option for workshop)

7.30 pm                       Dinner at Mariner’s Wharf Hout Bay via Chapmans Peak Drive (if open)

TUESDAY 21 st February :  Depart from Cape Town to home

8.30 am                       Breakfast – Courtyard Terrace

9.30 – 11.30 am          Studio workshop

1.00 pm                       Informal lunch – Courtyard Terrace

                                    Afternoon of relaxation

                                    Transfers to airport

2022 February Workshop at Nature in Art

A new date in the diary for TWASI members this year, after requests from members during the last AGM and members weekend for more workshops, a weekend workshop was arranged at Nature in Art. After canvassing the membership via email as to a choice of artistic discipline the workshops were on scraperboard with Jackie Cox and Pastel Pencils with Andrew Forkner. 

20 plus members took part over the weekend and although some of them have had previous experience with these mediums it was good to refresh and learn a trick or two of the mediums from expert practitioners.

One great tip from Andrew Forkner was the use of a ‘Graphic Artist Glove’ which consists of two outer fingers and a palm and wrist covering, really useful for keeping your work clean whilst working. Readily available online. 

The TWASI council wish to thank Valerie Briggs for organising the weekend.


Just wanted to say thank you for organising the scraperboard workshop – I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a good deal which I am sure is going to impact a good deal on my work from now on. 

It was so useful talking with Jackie and I am certain every one who attended would have come away having picked up information and tips – it will be interesting to see whether this year’s exhibition will see more work in the medium.

Again, many thanks – I look forward to seeing you soon at this year’s exhibition


We hope to repeat this spring workshop next year but will discussing whether to hold just one workshop over the weekend to explore the medium more fully. We will be canvassing you for your opinion in the near future so please do respond.

December 2022 NEWSLETTER – A Brush with Africa

To view properly please view in your browser

2022 Summer Competition


A Competition for all TWASI Members.

1st – Leslie Read – “What shall we do now?”

I saw these two young tigers playing whilst on a TWASI visit to the West Midlands Safari Park.

They had been having such fun, pouncing out at each other and wrestling, then, as cats do, in unison they walked nonchalantly away.

With the dust and leaves settling, the idea popped into my head of these two teenaged

Cats scaring some birds out of their feathers, and afterwards walking off, looking for more mischief – leaving you wondering – did the birds get away leaving just a few feathers, or did they become a light snack?

This was a painting I did in oils on canvas.

Leslie Read

2nd – Alison Perkins – “Royal Tigress”

“Royal Tigress” was inspired by the magnificent Bengal Tigers of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, India.

I found this reference photo of a tigress that I really wanted to paint.

My artwork started out purely as a watercolour painting.

Sometime later I was looking for a picture to enter for the Sketch for Survival competition, run by the Explorers Against Extinction charity.

By then I had changed to the medium of coloured pencils and fine-liner pen.

Looking to improve my picture, I went over some areas with coloured pencil, and added Faber Castell fine-liner pens in black and gold, to make it brighter and add more definition.

My picture was chosen as one of the 100 finalists of Sketch for Survival, and sold at auction to help endangered wildlife.


3rd – Amanda Butler – “I am Wild!”

I used colour pencils for this piece – I enjoy using Faber-Castell Polychromos, and generally Pastelmat paper, as I like the texture it gives the drawing.

This picture is a collection of firsts for me!

It was the first piece of artwork that was done completely by myself without any tuition from art tutors or friends.

I remember how nervous I felt putting the first pencil mark onto the paper, and how daunted I was about which colour pencils to use.

He was the first ever tiger that I saw in the wild.

It was drawn from my own photo taken in Pench National Park, India in 2020.

He is a sub-adult male.

I saw him on our last game drive in the park, although at the time, we didn’t know that.

As we arrived back to the lodge after an amazing view of him, his two siblings and their mother, we were told that we were evacuating India due to Covid shutting down all the air travel.

This picture has now gained another first, being my first piece to have placed in a competition.

Amanda Butler




“Caroline had seen on the British Wildlife Photography website this photograph of a gorgeous red squirrel leaping, and instantly wanted to paint it, as she adores red squirrels.

She gained permission to use it from the photographer, Gary Bruce.

Caroline was asked by the SAA to write an article for their November Paint magazine, and she immediately thought of this image.

The red squirrel was rendered in various coloured pencils onto white Pastelmat board, using many layers and colours to give depth to the fur, making sure that the highest tonal value was on or near the squirrel’s head, to give the impression that he was leaping out of the painting.

She then used watercolour for the background, using various mixes of Winsor (pthalo) blue red shade, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow, sweeping the paint over the edges of the coloured pencil squirrel, where it repelled the watercolour, due to the wax/oil content in coloured pencils.

Caroline then splashed some water over the background and sprinkled a little table salt, to give the impression of snow falling on a cold day – voila!”


“This oil painting on canvas was in the pipeline for a long time.

I had images and photos from a session at my friend’s Birds of Prey centre in Lancashire, and was reserving the Barn Owl for a few years.

A couple of years later, I was living in the Forest of Dean, and working for the Wye Valley AONB in graphics and information.

We had a massive snow shower, the last one we ever had, and I couldn’t get the car up our forest track to work, so I walked to the nearest shop about 3 miles away to get bread and milk – I had my elderly parents living with me, and we had run out of supplies.

I took my camera and got some beautiful snow shots.

I decided to put the two things together a couple of years later, and they went on a Christmas card then.

I have never exhibited this painting, and I still have it, as it has really definite memories of slogging through the snow, which was thigh deep – I remember it being so beautiful, quiet and cathedral-like, but very hard work!”


“The artwork was inspired by a photograph by Stan Jackson, used with permission, and

it was the aloof, regal attitude of the stag which stood out to me.

Blizzard conditions seemed the ideal backdrop to add drama, which I felt added nobility and strength to the main subject.

Painted in watercolour, with masked-out snowflakes of varying sizes.

The background is loose wet-in-wet diagonals, with water drops for back-runs to resemble snowflakes.

The stag is painted in more detail, to give him solidity and presence in the swirling blizzard conditions.”

2021 AGM and Members Weekend

2021 TWASI members weekend montage

We have to be positive and with that thought in mind we are sending out advance notice of the AGM and Members Weekend held at Nature in Art on October 2nd and 3rd this year. We are delighted to let you know that Eric and Neal are fine to join us this year but because of the possible repercussions and ongoing restrictions that might be imposed on us by Covid 19 we are holding workshops that you can stand back from and keep relatively socially distanced without spoiling the fun.

The TWASI council are therefore pleased to announce that Daniel Wilson whose wonderful charcoal drawings are on sale through David Shepherd Foundation is giving us a charcoal drawing workshop – big and bold.

Two great workshops on the Saturday 2nd of October followed by our AGM and supper of Fish ‘n’ Chips, good fun and hopefully taking one or two of us out of our comfort zones! ON the Sunday 3rd of October we will be in the company of wildlife artist Eric Wilson and will have our very friendly and informative afternoon’s critique of members work lead by Eric.

Do consider booking early to avoid disappointment as we are limited on spaces for the Saturday workshops.

There is a booking form attached in the magazine or contact Valerie for one via email – email, please fill it in, keep a copy and send the form to Valerie Briggs at the address provided on the form but please note that any payment will not be taken until the beginning of September and Valerie will get back to you to advise you when she will be taking payment.

If you wish to pay by cheque please date it 1st September 2021

This really is a great weekend to come along and meet other members from all round the country, make new friends and just enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Nature in Art.

Saturday 2nd October Workshops

Charcoal drawing Big Cats with Daniel Wilson

I have been Painting and drawing wildlife for the past 10 years. I love the feeling of stepping up to a blank canvas and creating something full of life and meaning.

For this workshop we will be exploring the potential of, in my opinion, one of the most malleable mediums out there. We will practice pushing and pulling the charcoal around the paper experimenting with mark making and abstract shapes to bring a realistic form together.

I will demonstrate each stage of my process from the initial block in to the final details. We will practice different techniques and methods of applying charcoal to create interesting and abstract effects that come together and give life and vibrancy to the subject.

It can get messy and there can be a lot of charcoal dust that gets in the air so make sure to bring some form of respirator or mask. We will also be spraying Acetone throughout the workshop which is a hazardous chemical and can cause headaches; it is no worse that oil mediums.

Please bring with you a standing or table easel and a large board approximately (A2). We will attach the paper to the board using masking tape. I also advise bringing a fixative spray, hand wipes and an apron as things can get messy. Please also bring your own reference material.

I have created a small starter kit of materials that I use in my work for the price of £15 which you can take home but please feel free to bring your own if you’d prefer. The kit includes:

  • Putty Eraser x1
  • Charcoal powder
  • Charcoal stick (Thick) x1
  • Charcoal stick (Thin) x1
  • Blending stump x1
  • Masking tape
  • 2B charcoal pencil x1
  • Spray bottle with acetone x1
  • Sandpaper
  • Knife blade for sharpening x1
  • Charcoal pouch x1
  • 15” x 20” 300gsm hot pressed watercolour paper (smooth) x1

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone for a hopefully fun and creative day.

Chicken Wire and Modroc Sculpture with Neal Griffin

For this workshop you will be creating a sculpture of an animal using chicken wire and Modroc bandage. The animal can be of anything you wish but nothing too large. Once dry, which can take a few days; the sculpture can then be painted and varnished. 

I will demonstrate how to create the chicken wire base using wire to strengthen the structure ready for the Modroc bandage.

Once the base structure is complete we will move on to applying the Modroc bandage. I will show you different techniques to build up texture and form on the sculpture. 

The Modroc will need time to dry out completely so we won’t be painting the sculpture on the day but I will talk about painting and varnishing your piece when it’s dry.

There will be photographic reference available or you may bring your own.

And yes it can get messy so apron, newspaper and old clothes would be good. I can bring some newspaper and latex gloves but if anyone is allergic then best to bring their own. I will also bring some protective gloves for when using the wire.

There will be a £5 fee for the chicken wire, Modroc and PVA.

Sunday 3rd October Members Weekend
Our guest artist Eric Wilson
Pastels, Oils, Acrylics and BIG CATS

Artist Statement
“I have always painted wildlife. I still have some old paintings of birds, horses and even gorillas in the jungle that I did when I was ten years old. It feels completely natural that half a century later I would be doing the same thing, but this time as an experienced professional artist. My life path seemed well maintained and illuminated, apart from one pretty major diversion, an eleven year side track as a Police Officer.




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